If you have begun to notice your hair thinning or falling out and started doing any research into the causes and treatments you have more than likely run across the term Trichologist. A Trichologist is a hair and scalp specialist who can typically diagnose the cause of hair falling out, thinning hair, and scalp diseases. In many cases a Trichologist can also treat these causes.

It may be of pertinent interest to know that Trichologists are not normally licensed health care workers. Typically members of the medical profession take courses within trichology (Branch of dermatology that deal specifically with the study of the health of hair and scalp). In addition to being able to determine the cause of a person’s hair to fall, Trichologists can also be instrumental in forensic science. A great deal of information about a person can be extracted from a single strand of hair.

So what exactly does a Trichologist do?

When you visit with a Trichologist they will examine your scalp thoroughly and ask you very specific questions. Like with any medical professional, you should answer these questions about your hair loss with the utmost honesty to allow the Trichologist to conclude without question the cause of your hair loss. The Trichologist will also take a sample of your hair and examine it microscopically.

Once they have asked their questions and examined your scalp and hair, they can then accurately diagnose the problem and determine the next best course of action. If they are able to treat your condition they will begin immediately. If they have determined you need additional attention from another specialists they will refer you to them accordingly. With a Trichologist treatment may consist of particular creams or lotions or the use of nutritional therapy.

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