Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement can be a great option for people who suffer from significant hair loss or hair thinning and would like to recover the appearance of having a full head of hair without resorting to costly surgery. While there are some unbelievably natural hairpieces being made today, most hair loss consumers have no clue what to look for when purchasing a hairpiece. At Apollo we have an incredible reputation for treating our clients with respect, privacy and most of all getting our clients back to being themselves again. Riviera has a reputation for excellence that is recognized throughout the hair restoration community. Apollo is a full service center for hair replacement and hair care with on-site servicing for maintaining your hair system as desired.

It is important for the hair loss consumer to be aware of several issues before considering purchasing a hair replacement hairpiece.

When first looking for a non-surgical hair replacement system, the amount of information can be overwhelming. You have more than likely come across many terms like hair system, toupee, strand by strand insertion systems, hairpieces etc. When it comes right down to it a hairpiece is a hairpiece is a hairpiece. This is really the ultimate piece of knowledge when researching non-surgical hair replacement options.

A hair replacement system includes many different aspects in order to restore your natural look. You will come across many terms like, the Hair System Base, Materials used to construct your hair replacement, Mesh Fabrics, Polymers, the type of Hair used in the hair replacement system, attaching your hairpiece, semi-permanent Attached Hairpieces, temporary adhesive-attached hair pieces and clip attachments. It can be a lot to take in just to figure out what type of non-surgical hair replacement would be best for you.

It’s important to choose professionals who really know what they are doing, with the full range of skills, the most advanced techniques, and above all people you really feel are worthy of your trust.

One of our knowledgeable hair care specialists would be glad to speak with you concerning all the care we put into making sure you can be yourself again. Contact us for a free, no obligation and confidential consultation.